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ON:SUBJECT – Momentum for Sustainability


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What’s your strategy for change?

Yesterday, more than half a million people participated in the largest climate march in history, demanding to shift power to a just, safe, peaceful world. On Friday, the Campact General Assembly approved funding to set up a European online campaigning organization to help citizens to get their voice heard.

It’s easy to say “demonstrations don’t work” or “petitions don’t change the world” – and you would not be wrong. At the same time, people around the world are choosing to step up to align their world with their values. It might never be enough, but maybe it is the best thing we can do. It beats apathy and cynicism every time.

So, here’s your question: What change would you like to see in the world? And how are you investing your time and resources to make it happen?


Organizations & Projects

A2 – Progressive EU Campaigning Startup 

ON:SUBJECT works with organizations that are committed to making a dent in the universe. A2 is one of them. 

Online organising has emerged as a powerful tool to leverage mass activism in campaigning. Organisations like MoveOn, Campact and 38 Degrees are helping millions of citizens to get their voice heard for a more progressive, sustainable, just and democratic world.

With the EU in crisis, it’s time for an effective progressive online campaigning organization at the European level. With the initial funding secured, the founding team is now working towards a launch in early 2015 – and they need your help.

A2 is looking for a Networking & Operations Assistant. Deadline for applications: Oct 5; earlier applications are welcome. More information at

Partners & Collaborators

Arlene Birt is a visual storyteller, information designer and educator whose work focuses on the visualization of sustainability. Her work visually explains ‘background stories’ to help individuals connect emotionally to complex concepts.


Events & Opportunities

3-5 October: IAF Europe Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark) – I’ll be hosting a workshop!

20 October: Digital Change Summit (online)

31 Oct-2 Nov: Berlin Change Days (Berlin, Germany)

If you'd like to talk about how we can work together to create momentum for sustainability, feel free to suggest a date here.

Speak to you soon,

* Wiebke


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