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January 2017 | 한국어로 읽기 

A New Era of Resistance
The mark of the new year harbors much uncertainty and fear for many members of our community. Since beginning his presidency just weeks ago, Mr. Trump and his administration have begun an onslaught of anti-immigrant and anti-refugee measures, with more expected to come soon in the form of executive orders. Meanwhile, across the nation, millions have come out to protest in order to express their outrage and disapproval at these misguided, discriminatory and even illegal actions.

We are part of this movement. In a past several weeks, we released this statement, and have gone to Washington DC, Albany, Battery Park and JFK Airport - to protest, stand in solidarity, and to strategize with our allies. Together, we are working to protect our communities, advance a more progressive agenda at the state level and grow our resistance in this new reality.
The MinKwon Center stands in solidarity with the Muslim and refugee communities in response to the President's executive orders through an interfaith Jummah prayer at JFK airport.
2016 Highlights
We’ve Prepared Over 1,000 DACA Applications Since 2012!
In 2016, we hit a milestone of 1,000 DACA applications since the program began in 2012. While we are in a bittersweet time as this program is in danger of ending under the Trump administration, we’re proud to have helped so many young Americans and their families by assisting with the intense document preparation needed to participate in DACA. By gaining protection from deportation and work authorization, our undocumented friends and family have been able to drive, get better jobs, travel by airplane, and even travel outside the country and return.
MinKwon’s Senior Housing Campaign Gains Steam
As of today, over 1,335 individuals have signed MinKwon’s petition for a better senior housing system in New York City. The campaign is a response to the groundswell of support in the Korean community for more senior housing units and improved administration of this valuable city program, including an improved application and tracking process. 

APA VOICE Makes Over 100,000 Voter Contacts
In 2016, MinKwon led the APA VOICE coalition in making over 100,710 voter contacts. It was a huge year for our non-partisan outreach. In the days leading up to the general election…
  • We organized two cross-state phone banking sessions, leveraging the language capacities of our coalition to reach Asian voters in North Carolina and Florida, where we knew every vote counted.
  • We used a text-messaging service to engage voters and answer questions about the elections for the first time.
The MinKwon Center joined members of the immigration community to rally against deportations and show support for DACA, and sanctuary cities at the Here To Stay rally in Washington DC.

In the months of November, December and January:

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