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MinKwon 2016 

With a particularly electric election season already in full swing, 2016 is a year primed to bring in monumental changes for our nation.  And as the country looks to presidential television debates and polling data, the MinKwon Center enters the new year ready to galvanize our community to get to the ballot box. 

To do so, MinKwon will bolster our civic engagement efforts by registering new voters and educating our community on the electoral process and the issues and powers which directly affect their livelihoods.  The MinKwon Center will also ensure that our community’s immediate needs are met by delivering our high-quality social services and immigration legal clinics to the most disenfranchised within our community. Our youth and DREAMers are integral to making future change, and MinKwon looks to develop them into true leaders by providing them the education and platform necessary to speak up and let their voices be heard.

Policies which directly affect our families
are at stake; Our community’s voice is integral
to shaping the nation’s future

We invite you to join us in enacting real change
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"Don't be Scared of Us"
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As a part of NBC's Humanizing America series, Futuro Media Group's Maria Hinojosa spoke with Jung Rae Jang, MinKwon's Organizing Fellow, and his mother speaks about their experience about being undocumented in America.

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