President Obama's Executive Action


Just about 24 hours ago, President Obama announced the biggest change to our country’s immigration system in nearly 30 years.  The MinKwon Center welcomes this announcement and victory for our communities, and commends President Obama’s initiative to deliver on his promises.  We are also preparing our legal team to host free legal clinics to help those eligible for administrative relief.  Under the new administrative rules, millions of undocumented immigrants will be free from the threat of deportation, and we expect many thousands of New Yorkers to be affected.

President Obama’s order means that many families can live free of the fear of being torn apart by deportations, and can even obtain work authorization. This victory, the first in 28 years, follows decades of organizing by MinKwon Center and our local and nationwide allies.

While historic and momentous, yesterday’s Executive Action is also only one step in the journey to fully protecting immigrant families.  The order does not cover all of the estimated 12 million undocumented living in the United States, such as the parents of current DACA recipients.  Moreover, this is only a temporary reprieve – the Executive Action does not include a path to citizenship.  
MinKwon young adult member Jung Rae Jang's story, profiled in a news story today on the impact of Obama’s action, shows us where future reform needs to go!

For more information on the announcement, please refer to the following links: We would like to emphasize that no application or specific guidelines have been released.  Once these are available, the MinKwon Center will provide free legal counsel and application assistance, as well as educational forums on the new programs.

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