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How could we not use this reader photo?


NEW: Chapter-focused reader roundtables on Modern Grantmaking 

From September we will be running free Modern Grantmaking online roundtable discussions approximately every two weeks. Each session will be about a different chapter from our book, and will give participants a chance to share reactions, ask questions and debate ideas within the book that they really do, or really don’t agree with. We will keep running the discussion groups until we get to the final chapter, early next year.
While they are are inevitably taking place online, these sessions won’t be another webinar where all you do is listen. There will be a real and deep discussion, and we’ll be working on the assumption that everyone has read the chapter in question before they turn up.
The first roundtable will be on the Introduction plus Chapter 1, and will be held on September 16th at 4PM UK time (08.00AM PDT, 11AM EDT, 5PM CET). Duration will be one hour.
Sign up here - places will be limited to make it a real discussion!
And remember it won’t make sense if you haven’t read the relevant bits, so get your copy here.


Writings on Grantmaking that have caught our eye

  • The way in which Pulitzer winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones was snubbed by a US university is an absolute case study on how unchecked funder power can cause havoc even when applied indirectly. It’s rarely a problem that hits the front pages but this was a national news story in the US. We liked Mike Scutari’s detailed write-up for InsidePhilanthropy, and here’s NPR’s coverage too.
  • Getting COVID vaccines to most of the world is amongst the most important problems that the world has ever faced. Here’s a write-up about the design and operation of COVAX, the main institutional attempt to turn money into immunity. 

Help spread Modern Grantmaking: Please invite us to talk at your grantmaker event!

We wrote Modern Grantmaking to help funders everywhere to do the job better, and become reformers of the profession at the same time. 
We can only succeed at this if we have opportunities to explain what the book and the #ModernGrantmaking movement is all about, far and wide. So if you are part of a network, or you run funder-centric conferences, workshops or networking events, please ping us about speaking. We're happy to talk to groups in any country speakers of English are welcome.
Thanks so much to The Philanthropy Workshop, The Grant Funders’ Network and Ariadne who have hosted us already!

Things other cool grantmakers are doing

  • A second edition is being published of Edgar Villanueva’s important and searingly honest book, Decolonizing Wealth, featuring a new foreword from Bishop William J. Barber II, two new chapters, an updated glossary and fresh insights;
  • The #FixTheForm movement hit its target of encouraging 100 funders in 100 days to share their application forms, and in doing so, continues to build a broader movement taking steps to break down barriers to grant funding.
  • The Center for Philanthropy shared a new report examining the state of practice in philanthropy regarding multi-year general operating support. “Findings of this study reveal a sobering disconnect between attitudes of foundation leaders and the experience of nonprofits, as well as a similar disconnect between the attitudes of foundation CEOs themselves and their foundations’ practices”.

Tooting our own trumpet 🎺

Lots of people have been buying Modern Grantmaking and saying simply lovely things about it online. To share just one link that goes beyond naked self-promotion, we recommend listening to Rhodri Davies’ interview with us here (and then subscribe to his podcast, it’s a terrific series).

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