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Funders have many possible roles to play in responding to this horrifying crisis.

For ideas we refer you to Philea, the Philanthropy Europe Association, which has put together a brand new site to connect funders to NGOs and NGOs to funders. The Association of Charitable Foundations has similarly concrete options here, and the Obama Foundation here.


A mildly interesting essay to divert you

Tom has been thinking about how grantmakers and funding institutions can be influenced by ideas they aren't even aware of. Read his hot take on the influence of cold dead economists here.


Things you should definitely read

  • #EthicsInPhilanthropy: The Grant Givers’ Movement recently produced an excellent new report that explores two overarching themes: the ethics of philanthropy, linked to the origins of wealth; and how ethics play out in our grantmaking practice. This report captures the views of 166 individuals working in the grant giving sector in a wide range of roles and seniority, and explores how grant makers can shift their practice to be more equitable, and to respond to the calls for much needed reform. There are some really juicy findings, so do give it a look.
  • Funders turned grantseekers. Open Philanthropy has been running a $150m ‘Regranting Challenge’. What makes this challenge noteworthy is that it’s about adding funding to existing programmes being run by other funders. Open Philanthropy states that it doesn’t want to ‘reinvent the wheel’ and describes this approach as one way to “ensure effective grantmakers get more money to allocate as a major shortcoming in the existing philanthropic ecosystem.” There’s also the interesting nugget that charitable foundations will be the ones needing to apply and to check that they meet the Challenge’s requirements - an interesting reversal of the common nonprofit grantseeker/funder dynamic. 
  • Want to start in grantmaking? 2027 is a UK programme that offers paid 12-month jobs at leading foundations or trusts alongside a development programme involving peers working in other organisations. Crucially it's for people who "self identify as being from a working-class community". They are now open for applications until 1pm on the 30th March, so please pass this on to people who could benefit.  We promoted 2027 in Modern Grantmaking for the simple reason that it’s totally brilliant.

And an online event you should definitely join

The UK Foundation Practice Rating will launch on Tuesday 22 March, a unique project assessing 100 foundations on their transparency, accountability and diversity practice, based on only publicly available data. Nothing like this has been done before and we think it's really quite a significant moment.

We think it'll be really fun and really thought provoking too. Sign up to the launch event here!


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