August 2014

Restoring Value Through Re-Positioning to Achieve Successful Succession

How Platinum Group stepped in to lead, grow and facilitate the successful sale of a family owned business.



Elvin Safety Supply, Inc. was a 73-year-old family owned distributor of safety supplies that fell victim to the 9/11 downturn. The company lost its largest customer, which had declared bankruptcy, putting the company in harm’s way very quickly. The family recognized the need to seek help, take the pressure off of the family members and wanted to do what was best for employees, company and family legacy.


  • The product-centric company had difficulty differentiating itself in the marketplace.
  • The industry was competing based on price and relationships.
  • The bottom line was eroding for many reasons, with too many suppliers to purchase cost-effectively.
  • The family had tried to sell the business, but getting value in declining circumstances was difficult at best.

Watch the corresponding video and read the full Case Study on our website.

Case Study

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