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I believe journal writing can make the world a better place.  Each time one person awakens, heals, gains clarity, expands, decides, lives true, connects with story, and/or is changed somehow through expressing thoughts and feelings through writing, this has the potential to create a positive ripple effect beyond just the individual.

I once read that if a group of people are meditating together that the healing and peaceful benefits of this practice could be measured to positively impact people in a nearby community and beyond.

I believe the same to be true of journal writing – while it is typically a solitary act, it’s benefits can potentially be extended beyond the individual. 

Try this yourself – take a few minutes (10 minutes) and write in your journal.  Notice how you feel before and after you write. Notice if there is any difference or shift in your inner state, your feelings, your mindset, etc.  Then notice how this might impact your interactions with others in the minutes and hours that follow your writing.

A Personal Story
One time things were particularly loud and rambunctious in our home with our two young sons (they were about 7 and 8 years old at the time).  The boys were squabbling.  We were trying to get somewhere and we were running late, no one was ready to go.  Our home was loud with their screams and upset and this commotion was causing me to get flustered too.  I raised my voice at the boys and a moment later my oldest son, Jackson, said to me: “Mom, I think you better write in your journal.”

I still remember this moment.  I realized in that instant that my son had determined that there is somehow a connection between me taking time to write in my journal and me becoming calmer.   

Jackson learned, as a young boy, through witnessing first hand, that my journal writing practice somehow is linked in a positive way to my own state of being, mood, and my ability to respond versus react.  

I will always remember the moment Jackson said those words to me:  "Mom, I think you better write in your journal."  His comment was humorous in some ways, true in others and good advice all at once. 

Writing has the power to help us re-ground, re-center and feel more calm in our lives. 



Journal Writing Exercise for Feeling More Calm
Think about a place that brings you feelings of calm and inner peace.  Imagine this place in as much sensory detail as you can.  What do you see, taste, hear, smell and touch in this place?  Write about this place in as much detail as possible.  Now read what you just wrote and allow your thoughts of this place to support you in experiencing a feeling of calm in this moment.  Know you can return to this place/feeling at any time by bringing this calm place to mind with the help of writing about it.

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 "If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment." ~Carlos Santana

"Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life's coming attractions." ~ Albert Einstein

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