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Zumba with Cheryl

Dear Zumberas and Zumberos,

Can you believe we are about halfway through November and Thanksgiving is next week?? Wow, is time flying by or what?  I can't believe that Christmas is only 43 days away!! Well, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  Why? It's a time for family and friends to gather to give thanks for our blessings.  I remember going around the dinner table before eating and each person had to say what they are thankful for.  There are no presents or the stress of buying presents.  I love baking and cooking and watching others feast!
Speaking of Thanksgiving...There are NO classes on Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving).  Past years have shown that everyone is at the market getting their fixings for the feast.  So instead, we have a 90 minute class on Thanksgiving morning!  Yes, negative calories to start the day!  So throw that turkey in the oven and come to our Studio Z sweatfest with all of your instructors who teach at the Studio.  Join Nikki, Corinna, Myrtle and me as we start you off on a positive calorie burning workout. It's just a punch on your card, but Groupon and others without a card pay $10.

As mentioned last week, there is no Pop Pilates tomorrow. But there is a 7:20pm Zumba class.  Nikki will be teaching the class!
This was a busy weekend at the Studio.  We had Zumba Jammer Dorie Wexler from Colorado on Saturday.  5 new routines and they are FUN!  All of the Studio instructors attended the Jam so you will see the routines in the various classes.  I already brought in some of the routines into my playlist.  I also attended Dorie's second session on Sunday so I have 10 new routines to bring.  Yes, they are fun and lots of booty shaking,  chest popping, attitude filled choreography!

Saturday evening we turned the studio into a nightclub atmosphere for our Party in Pink fundraiser. 4 Awesome Zumba Jammers: Meli, Ashley, Dorie and Jonatan rocked the studio!! It was so much fun! I hosted this event with good friend, Zumba instructor Robin Cranford and super diva student, Fabiola Sanchez.  There were 20 raffle prizes and my 24 hour students raked in the goods! I think 16 of 20 prizes went to them!! They are so lucky!

Health and Fitness Advice:
Most people enjoy a massage, but few think about its benefits. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, research shows that massage therapy provides several health benefits, including improved circulation, improved range of motion, and increased endorphin levels (which helps improve mood and decrease chronic pain effects). In addition to physical benefits, certain types of massage have been shown to help psychologically via relaxation and increased production of 'feel good' chemicals that the body naturally produces (endorphins)--helpful for people with both acute back problems and chronic back pain.  Massage therapy is becoming more widely accepted in the medical community as a credible treatment for many types of back pain and/or as an adjunct to other medical treatments. Research shows that massage therapy has several potential health benefits for back pain sufferers, including:

  • Increased blood flow and circulation, which brings needed nutrition to muscles and tissues. This aids in recovery of muscle soreness from physical activity or soft tissue injury (such as muscle strain).
  • Decreased tension in the muscles. This muscle relaxation can improve flexibility, reduce pain caused by tight muscles and even improve sleep.
  • Increased endorphin levels--the "feel good" chemicals in the brain. This mood enhancer can ease depression and anxiety, which can help reduce pain and speed recovery--particularly important for those suffering from chronic back or neck problems.

Personally I try and get a massage every other week.  Sometimes weekly, if I have the time. With the hours I dance, it is the best thing for circulation and rejuvenation for me.  This past weekend alone, I danced 13 hours in 3 days.  Yes, my body was tired but when I hear the music, it just makes me want to move.  It's the stopping and sitting that stiffens my muscles so the massage really helps.  And remember massages do not have to be expensive.  I used to go to the upscale places but then realized that the massages really weren't better.  So if I need a quick leg massage, it only cost $20 and my legs are renewed. So start taking care of your body and consider massage therapy.
Zumba hugs,

Class Schedule
Day   Time Schedule       Activity

MON  7:20-8:20pm Zumba

TUE  6:15-7:15pm Zumba

WED  6:00-7:00pm Zumba

THU  6:15-7:15pm Zumba Gold

             7:20-8:20pm Zumba


SAT  9:00-10:15am Zumba

SUN  9:30-10:15am PiYo

           10:30-11:30am Zumba

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Zumba with Cheryl

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