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Zumba with Cheryl

Dear Zumberas and Zumberos,
I want to thank each and every student for their love, support and energy for these 7 years.  My heart is heavy but I have made some beautiful friendships with so many of you.  I will treasure the memories we made at the Studio.  I have so many mixed emotions.  I really love Studio Z and I know I put my heart and soul into designing the studio.  These were 4 empty walls when I first laid eyes on this location and the vision to make it the BEST dance studio in the Bay Area became a reality.  There is no other dance floor like our floating floor anywhere!! A sense of relief too because I spent so many hours here and I have not had a real vacation in seven years! I've only been to Zumba events (cruise, Instructor convention, jam sessions, trainings) so to have a break and to enjoy myself and crash other classes will be fun.  I still plan to teach Sunday through Wednesday but to be a student and occasionally sub on a Thursday or Saturday will be new for me. So thank you wonderful students for showing up to classes and having fun dancing with all of us.
Over the years we've had many guests such as Zumba Jammers, Zumba Education Specialists, Zumba Instructors from near and far and I also want to thank them too for sharing their time with us.  We've had many instructors also that started with me and have gone onto other things like being a Mom, Entrepreneurs, retired and more: Christina Butera Campbell, Aggie Kavlick, Jose Parra, Grace Harley, Claudine Reyes, Diane Purcille, Eva Yee, Kathy Grenzow, Gary Leong, Toni Digiorgio, Bob Mallon, Lourdes Avenir, Sonia Dugarte, Frances Pena, and not to forget my subs Nataliya Stinerman, Jennifer Johnson, Mae Manns, Elle Anderson and Grace Boyson.  Who could forget my many Desk Angels: Toni, Tammy, Sonia, Kathy, Sneh, Myriam, Cath, Karleen, Michele, Eva, Lauren, Fabiola, Tina, Frances, Maggie, Blanca, Veronica, Claudia, Gary, Nancy, (hopefully I didn't miss any),  It takes a lot of people to run a studio and thank you to all of you.
In the end, my Z crew of the Mighty Four are still with me to the end.  I appreciate my right hand Nikki who started as my student and as she says "I brought her to the dark side" She has been with me for 6 years and we used to co-teach on Saturdays. Our styles complimented each other and I will always vision Nikki as my kid sister.  We've had some fun times going out, workout shoe shopping and our catch up talks. Corinna has been a joy to be around with her positive happy self. Always the cheerleader, she brings smiles when I see her get lost in her choreo! Myrtle, as you all know has been a long time student at the Studio and eight months ago she made the decision to become an instructor when I had a 50% off coupon!!! Yes, I literally helped her sign up last year in March 2017 to take a future training and the rest is history.  Thank you to my dear instructors for your passion, support and continued energy to give our students the best classes.

The countdown is drawing to a close....You have these classes left and we are closing Studio Z...
Monday 7:20pm Zumba - Cheryl
Tuesday 6:15pm Zumba - Cheryl
Wednesday 6pm Zumba -Myrtle
Thursday 6:15pm Zumba Gold -Corinna
Thursday 7:20pm - Zumba - Nikki
Saturday - 9am -11am The Grande Finale with ALL of US and some of my Zumba Instructor Friends.
Immediately following there is a potluck from 11-12noon - Please bring a favorite dish to share for the last time at Studio Z!!

ATTENTION:  Yes, you students asked for it and we are trying to accommodate....Cheryl and Nikki will have a few classes at ANYTIME FITNESS in Newark.  Its right next door to Sprouts on Newark Blvd.
Here's the scoop beginning Monday January 29th (next week):
Monday 6pm - Zumba with Cheryl
Tuesday 6pm - Pop Pilates with Cheryl
Tuesday 7:30pm Zumba with Nikki
Drop in is $10 but contact the owner, Matt for special rates to take the classes and for more information. Anytime Fitness 6347 Jarvis Ave, Newark, CA 94560 Phone: (510) 794-4888
I hope to see everyone this Saturday at our Grande Finale....There are still many irons on the stove, so follow me on Facebook (just let me know you sent a friend request).
Much Zumba Love to All...

Class Schedule
Day   Time Schedule       Activity

MON  7:20-8:20pm Zumba

TUE  6:15-7:15pm Zumba

WED  6:00-7:00pm Zumba

THU  6:15-7:15pm Zumba Gold

             7:20-8:20pm Zumba

SAT  9:00-11:00am Zumba (Farewell Class)

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Zumba with Cheryl

$5 for your first time
$10 drop-in

5437 Central Ave. #6
Newark, CA 94560

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