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Zumba with Cheryl

Dear Zumberas and Zumberos,

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary....Yes Studio Z celebrates our 7th year...Some of you came out to party with us on Thursday evening.  I had 10 instructors for you to party with! The energy level was spectacular and the food was in abundance!  Thank you to all who showed up to celebrate not only the anniversary but also my birthday!  It's so much fun to make memories with everyone!

This weekend we will be celebrating Party in Pink so wear a pink top on Saturday and get in free.  My 24 hour class on Sunday at High Street, we will be having a special 90 minute class.  Robin Cranford will be joining me in the fun. Let's all bring breast cancer awareness to the forefront and let's find a cure.  I am also hosting a Party in Pink in Oakland at Ascend School.  Fabiola Sanchez is co-hosting along with Robin..We have 3 Zumba Jammers leading the 90 minutes fun fest!  Please join us!  There will be raffle prizes!

CLASS ALERT: There will be NO CLASSES on Halloween Tuesday....Enjoy trick or treating with your kids!!
We are still asking if anyone is interested in a Monday morning class at 9am?  Please let us know and we will add it to the schedule but only if there is interest.
Fitness Advice: What are the some things that could be wrecking your workout?
1. Skipping the cooldown -Going from 60 to zero is almost as bad as the opposite (i.e., not warming up). “Light aerobic work at 20% or less intensity at the end of a workout helps to flush the body out, and is paramount to recovery,” Also worthwhile to aid in recovery: ice baths and compression garments.

2. Hanging out in your sweaty clothes -The discomfort and rank smell should be enough to convince you that chilling in your own sweat isn’t wise. But if not, perhaps this dermatologist can sway you: If sweat builds up on your skin, it will clog your pores, not allowing your skin to breath. If you have a cut or skin abrasion, bacteria can get trapped in there and can cause an infection. Don’t re-wear sweat-encrusted gear, either. You can contract both bacterial and fungal infections from re-wearing unwashed workout clothing.

3. OD'ing on protein - Research has shown that consuming more-than-required protein just becomes calories that your body stores as fat and carbs.

4. Not rehydrating  Weigh yourself before your workout and after. For each pound (16oz) of weight lost during the workout, the rule of thumb is to replenish that by 1.5 times with water—so 2lbs lost equals 48oz of water. Your electrolytes are probably also out of whack, so add in foods (like fruit or anything salty) or drinks (like sports drink, diluted fruit juice, or milk) that contain potassium, sodium, and magnesium, and you can diminish your overall fluid needs slightly. Not only will you feel better for the proper hydration, but you’re less likely to overeat at your next meal. Many people confuse thirst and hunger.

5. Never taking a break- You’re on a workout kick or you’re full-on in training. Can’t stop, won’t stop. But guess what: You really gotta stop and put in some recovery days. Do not confuse this with coming only 2 days a week to work out. The break is for someone who goes at it 2-4 hours a day.

6. Resting too much -On the other hand, taking a day off doesn’t mean spending it in front of the X-Box. Cross-training days in particular are important for reducing the risk of overtraining injury and plain old boredom. Switch gears, by changing it up with Pilates, or more strength training, then come back to Zumba. This allows you to return both physically and mentally fresh. Those recovery days should still be that, and not another day of intensity using a different form of exercise.

7. Thinking you can eat anything because you just did a one hour workout - Please don't think this way as most people do. That donut has 800 calories and your workout may have burned you only 300 calories depending on the intensity level you put into it.  This means you are behind 500 calories so you did not burn enough to break even.  You would have to make sure you had 10,000 or more steps on that fitbit.

Enjoy your week!

Zumba hugs,

Class Schedule
Day   Time Schedule       Activity

MON  6:15-7:15pm Pop Pilates &

MON  7:20-8:20pm Zumba

TUE  6:15-7:15pm Zumba

WED  6:00-7:00pm Zumba

THU  6:15-7:15pm Zumba Gold

             7:20-8:20pm Zumba


SAT  9:00-10:15am Zumba

SUN  9:30-10:15am PiYo

           10:30-11:30am Zumba

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Zumba with Cheryl

$5 for your first time
$10 drop-in
$140 for 20 classes

Click here to purchase a 20-class package using a credit card for $140 (plus a $5 processing fee)


5437 Central Ave. #6
Newark, CA 94560

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