"We go through life making mistakes and judging ourselves, and most often others for our failures without ever knowing the truth for the failures as being the incongruency of our wants and needs." - Valerie Nash

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Did you enjoy our latest blogs on 'Making Mountains Out of Molehills' and Amanda May's humbling life experiences that are so easy to relate to? Today I've got a great Breakthrough Experience from a lovely woman who's been involved in the Lighthouse community for many years, she is the mother of one of the Lighthouse International directors and certainly has her own story to tell.

But first I'd like to share a powerful lesson that may apply to many of us in our lives...

Avoiding Problems Only Makes Them Worse...

Have you ever been in a situation where ignoring a physical ache you find that it just gets worse? Perhaps the engine light on your car dashboard has been flashing for months, then just when you least need it the car breaks down! Or maybe it's the awkward conversation you know you need to have with a close friend or a work colleague, only to realise that the matter has now snowballed beyond your expectations?

Read today's blog to learn about the damaging consequences of ignoring the warning signs and how that relates to the process of self-reflection...

Reflections on the Road Less Travelled - Valerie Nash

"As I opened the introduction to the first assessment, I felt overwhelmed by the volume of words. However I chose how to feel, and broke the words down into sections. As I concentrated on the content, I felt a huge wave of gratitude for the wisdom and love that has been invested in this assessment.

That gratitude gave me the impetus to really dig deep in the first overview. I wanted to run away from some of the questions which showed just how effective they are..." Read more of Valerie's story here...
If you have any questions or would like to learn more about receiving more guidance through this assessment process then simply reply and I'll be in touch.
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