Facilitation 101-GRuB Style
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Saturday, February 24th, 2018

This one-day training serves as a focused introduction to tools & strategies we use when facilitating groups of people of any age, whether for one-time events or over the entire life cycle of a group. This training is useful for facilitators of any type including those who lead adults in work groups, teach students & other young people, or facilitators looking for ways to organize community conversations. More information available HERE. 


 Annual Native Plant Festival 
March 3, 2018 10am-3pm

Thurston Conservation District
2918 Ferguson St. SW
Tumwater, WA 98512

Join GRuB at the Thurston Conservation District Annual Native Plant Sale. There will be food vendors, & we will be tabling.  Stop by, say hi & find out how you can get involved & support GRuB this spring! Sign up to become a volunteer, purchase a CSA, and learn what's on the horizon for GRuB. You can also cast your vote at the event for the Thurston Conservation District's Board of Supervisors. Can't make it to the event? You can vote via absentee ballot! Learn all about it here.
Meet Lorenzo! 

My name is Lorenzo, & I go to Capital High School (CHS). I'm a sophomore who has struggled in school for longer than I can remember. So my counselor, during 9th grade told me about GRuB, and how it's a hands-on approach that is for people like me.  Not everyone who does GRuB struggles like me, but it suits people who need different approaches to school. That's what makes GRuB great. GRuB has taught me many new things that I now try to use to make my life easier, for me & everyone near me, especially at school. The old things from the summer program help me at CHS & also during school at GRuB. The proof is my grades now & my focus, plus the drive I now have to do the best I can. I just want to say GRuB is one of the best things I have done with my life, from getting job experience in the summer, which helps with learning about responsibility, & the school program I'm in now, teaching me new things that will help me now & in the future. GRuB  is something I will never forget & will always cherish. I'm thankful for everyone at GRuB for making it possible.
Support GRuB by Purchasing a CSA!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members invest in the success of local farms while ensuring access to fresh, sustainably grown food. Members pay for their share up front, helping the farm have enough funds to pay for supplies and staffing to grow the amazing food for member enjoyment! In honor of CSA Day on February 23rd, we are offering a $15 gift certificate for our on-site farm stand with the purchase of a  CSA on or before Friday, February 23rd.  

We have several options available for purchase!
EBT accepted for payment on CSAs! 

Cultivator CSA:  $550 for 16 weeks of veggies (late June to early October)
Marketstand Small Share: $250 for 14 weeks of veggies (U-pick from our onsite farm stand on Wednesdays from 3-6pm)
Bouquet CSA: $160 for 8 weeks of fresh, sustainably grown flower bouquets (we deliver!)

Or you could sponsor a youth or senior share!  
Help GRuB Youth in Need!

GRuB Family— in our many years of working closely with teenage youth, every so often we learn that an individual is between homes or looking for a new permanent home. Some youth are in the foster care system; some aren't. Youth are in this situation because they don't have support systems to the extent in which they could be taken in by friends or immediate family. If you are already a licensed foster care parent or have considered becoming one, would you reach out to us? Connecting youth with people in the GRuB family and staying in the area so that they can continue their relationship with GRuB's work and their own personal growth is better than many of the alternatives out there. If this is you, please contact Wade.