Deep-Rooted Gratitude to You!

Donations, grants, sponsorships and engaging partnerships fuel the fire for GRuB's work. We are the sum of all of our parts and would not be able to accomplish what we do without the support of our community. Over the next few weeks, as we begin our End of the Year Campaign of raising $40,000, we would like to shower our community with the many appreciations they deserve. We recognize that your dollars, time, & support could be spent in many ways. We honor your commitment and confidence in our mission for ultimately it is our community that impacts our work.

This week we honor all of our local farmers who, through their persistent dedication to their crops, made our season more bountiful! We recognize with full hearts our local farm community that  has supported us throughout the year with donations of plant starts, produce,  flowers, food, and friendship.

A Special Thanks to: 
Thanks a bunch!  We love our local farms a bushel & a peck! (Our apologies if we unintentionally left anyone out.)

Another Successful Growing Season

As the darkness creeps in, we take time to reflect on the past year's accomplishments.  A few highlights include: 
  • 64 households received gardens
  • 20 seniors with low incomes received free CSA shares
  • 1,313 volunteer hours on the farm
  • 96 pounds of honey harvested from our bees
  • 15,335 pounds of food grown (thus far) 
  • 8,150 pounds of food donated to our community
  • 38 high school students engaged in learning on the farm
We hope you take the time to peruse our end of year letter.  Join us in celebrating the stories of participants in GRuB's impactful work and consider an invitation from our Executive Director, Katie Rains. 

To accept our invitation to grow together, you can donate HERE!