Gifting GRuB to Seniors - Climena's Story

I’m Climena, & I’ve been the Farm Marketing Coordinator here at the GRuB. I was in the GRuB School Program as a youth & have basically been involved with GRuB in one way or another since I was about 14 years old. I fell in love & have been farming ever since.
This year in my new role as a staff member, I had so many amazing opportunities to reach out & touch the community. It’s taught me so much—from making & delivering bouquets to wonderful local businesses, to running the GRuB Farm Stand, to packing our weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes. One of my favorite experiences has been the Senior CSA program.
The Senior CSA is a revolutionary new GRuB program. We’ve been gifting GRuB-grown produce to seniors with low incomes. For 11 weeks over the summer, I would bring totes full of fresh produce to the downtown Olympia Senior Center. The people who were signed up for the program would tell fun stories, make me laugh, sit down & talk to me, or just simply say how much it meant to them. I think we often forget about seniors—in the way that we automatically think they have a retirement plan, have money saved up, or even have a place to live. The time I spent with my new friends surely proved all of those statements wrong.
People are in need of fresh, accessible, locally grown food no matter their age. Some folks said it was their first time ever eating kale or beets in their entire lives. Some said they ate 2-3 more cups of fresh produce every day. People said they felt more connected to the community, & they even got to share food with neighbors.
It was truly an honor for me to make even a slight impact in these folks’ lives & gift them great food for 11 weeks.
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