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Just Add Water

Float from one chakra to another with aquatic yoga

Even super-experienced yoga pros go through it. As you attempt to balance in tree pose, your body begins to shake, your thighs light up in flames, and your body starts to tip faster than you can say “timber!”

Cue aquatic yoga! This new craze takes traditional yoga and sets it in a balance- and coordination-improving pool. (Heated, of course.)

At H2YOga in Los Angeles, yoginis don water weights on their arms and legs and slide into the warm saline pool with a small group of dedicated participants. Set to music, the class involves a range of yoga poses that will eliminate your day’s stresses and have you bobbing around from one chakra to another.

And because this workout is virtually gravity-free, ladies with limitations, balance issues, or injuries can happily dive in! Not to mention that the heated saline therapy pool helps to relax muscles and increase flexibility.

But don’t let the water fool you! H2YOga is a full-body workout. The weights add serious resistance to sculpt and tone lean muscles. It’s an intense class that is sure to leave you exhausted and content, and ready to curl up into your boyfriend’s arms with a hot cup of (fat-free) cocoa. Or skip the boyfriend and just curl up with the cocoa.

An added bonus: this workout provides the perfect opportunity to purchase new, super-discounted bikinis. Take that, fall!

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xx, The FabFitFun LA Team