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Has SPRING sprung?

...or is it just our imagination?

Maybe another few more weeks of wet cold weather, but after that the New Years new growth will sprout, of course the daffodils are already blooming.

I WELCOME you all to a new month and another meeting.  There are some fun things, exciting things, and some not so exciting news to tel you about.

THE GOOD! has come through with their promise to support us;  a box filled with some really, really cool and useful items for your Apple products has shown up along with a special, special 20% discount code that will go out to the paid members in their own goodies newsletter — the 20% discount may go to all, but I will know more before the meeting Monday and we will let you know then, so show up to partake in the fun, discounts, and goodies.

They sent a few copies of each so we can have giveaways for a few months to come.

I big thanks goes out to Zac Grzeskowiak and the RADTECH illustrioussy!!!  So when you get that 20% off code or even if you don't.  Please say thank you to our supporters and let them know their efforts have made a difference!!!!



I am possibly heading out of town for sometime — or for just a few weeks — and we might need an interim or just a straight replacement for me.  I have had a blast being the president for this illustrious group but my own personal issues, such as, a low self esteem and confidence has always made me feel like I was not doing my job as the president.

Are the topics, discussions, and information interesting, informative, and worthy of your time?
What do they want to know about now?  Is this going to bring the members in?  Keep them members?  Have them be proud and excited about the group to spread the word and bring in more members?

Questions I always worried about.

We have had some fantastic speakers, demo's and presentations in the past and although not everything is interesting to everyone, but I have always wanted to know what you, the members, were wanting — what the heck were you expecting when you showed up?

It has pleagued me for nights on end, and I know a good president would ponder these questions but not let them take over his daily life and stress over them, but I have, which begs me to wonder if I am the right person for the job — YOU WILL HAVE TO DECIDE THIS, as well as, help me, or the next person, be a better president by telling me want you want to see.  Why you have joined the group and what you want to get out of it.  What will keep you coming to each meeting.  What will make you excited and spread the word about the group.

I think it's only fair you give us a heads up, a hint, some ideas — we are not mind readers :)


If you go to our site you will notice that it is not there.  I went to add some information and guess what not there nor can I access it from the back door.  John Murray, who like an adult and calm person contacted Rich who said he would take care of it.  I on the other hand went crazy and gain more gray hair.


He may not know this, but I do know he is ready.  KEITH THOMASSEN is going to show us how to do an HD dvd with iMovie and iDVD, with commentary by me, of course, as well as, Jim Heck.

Along with our Q & A to begin the meeting and any one else.  So other than Keith's thing, it may be a potpourri of items.  But for sure be there for the giveaways and the special 20% from RADTECH.US

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Madelyn Helling Library 7-9P.M. first Monday of the month 

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