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CoachingOurselves Newsletter:
October 2016   

The latest happenings from CoachingOurselves!
Keeping you on top of what's happening in our world of peer-coaching groups as an approach to leadership development.


CoachingOurselves Global Conference in Tokyo

We had a great time in Tokyo at the start of the month where the CoachingOurselves Global Conference was held and hosted by our partners, J.Feel. There were many amazing sessions including the Zen session at the start of the event (offered by Issho Fujita, Nagisa Ono and Jonathan Gosling), the session by Fujitsu which showed a clear return on investment analysis at a large scale, the company visits and joint CoachingOurselves sessions with managers in Japanese companies, and the final day, in which we learned about how CoachingOurselves is used to initiate social change.

"The value of multi-sector initiatives is 1) the creation of synergy through all sectors sharing a single vision for the future and working towards it, and 2) the creation of innovation while involving citizens and creating democratic consensus building." Motoko Uchikata, Himi City Office, General affairs Dept. Executive Director

"Engagement and co-creation are key principles that help build strong relationships."  Robin van Iperen, ChangePropeller

"Strategies and tools simply aren't enough to be a great people leader. Being aware of the inner conditions in which we operate, cultivating the ability to reflect on our systems and connecting to a deeper source of knowing are the real key to be successful." Diane Boulet, Professional Coach and Organizational Development Consultant.

Thanks to the more than 130 participants who joined us, and to our international contingent of partners for contributing their stories and experience!

Save these dates for 2017, September 6th to 9th is when the CoachingOurselves Reflections Global Conference with Henry Mintzberg will be held in Montreal. Details to be announced soon!

ICF Québec Conference & New Facilitator Certification 

We met with many coaches and got great feedback from our participation at the ICF Québec Conference a few weeks ago.

In fact, we had so much interest from coaches looking for a group coaching option that we've decided to host our first open enrollment CoachingOurselves certification for coaches, facilitators, and trainers en français! It will be held in Montreal on January 10th, 2017.

For full details on the certification and to register, just click here:

This Week: Institute for Performance and Learning

You're invited to join us in Toronto this week, November 2nd to 4rth, at I4PL! Phil LeNir, President of CoachingOurselves, will be running two workshops, one on Social Learning and one on the 70:20:10 Framework during the conference. Plus, for the first time, he will run a trading post session on Measuring The Impact of Social Learning. We hope to see you there!

Full details here:

Upcoming Webinar: Speed Sharing

Open to everyone and especially focused on helping build the community of CoachingOurselves practitioners, we've organized an interactive webinar on November 22nd at 11:00 AM EST. Listen to our Community of Practice for a "Speed Sharing" webinar, as 5 HR professionals will share how they use CoachingOurselves in their organizations.

Click here to register now for our free 60-minute Community of Practice: "Speed Sharing" Webinar!

Plus, find all links to our webinars on our website:

Events Calendar

We’ve got a full schedule for fall/winter 2016.  Join us at the following conferences and workshops to learn more about CoachingOurselves and our peer-coaching learning methodology.  We look forward to meeting you!

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"CoachingOurselves offers great results, new insights, and real action for change in many organizations."
Maarten van Thiel, ChangePropeller

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