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Press Highlights

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Fast Company covers the US National Advisory Board on Impact Investing's report launch at the White House. Read more >

In Campden FB, GIIN CEO Luther Ragin, Jr. discusses the involvement of family offices and high net worth individuals in impact investing.
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The website Catholic Culture highlights Pope Francis' support for impact investing.
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Industry Events

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Impact Investing in Inner Cities
July 1, Cambridge, MA

Off-Grid Energy Access Investor Conference
July 7, Zurich, Switzerland

European Forum Alpbach
August 13-29, Alpbach, Austria

BoP World Convention 2014
August 28-30, Singapore, Singapore

US National Advisory Board on Impact Investing Releases Report

The report Private Capital, Public Good: How Smart Federal Policy can Galvanize Impact Investing--and Why It's Urgent was released earlier this week by the US National Advisory Board (NAB), a collaborative thought leadership group created by the Social Impact Investment Task Force. The report provides a framework for federal policy action in support of impact investing and represents the collective perspectives of the group, which includes GIIN CEO Luther Ragin, Jr.

Download the full report >
Learn more about the NAB >
ImpactBase Reaches Over 300 Funds and Products

The GIIN’s ImpactBase, an online global directory of impact investment funds and products, now includes over 300 fund and product profiles. Through free subscription, over 1,500 accredited investors can access information about the listed funds, including social and environmental impact goals, target geographies, and investment approach.

Learn more about ImpactBase at >

New Jobs Posted to the GIIN Career Center

Career CenterNew job openings in Boston, New York, Zurich, and other global locations have been posted on the GIIN Career Center. Root Capital, Deutsche Bank, and responsAbility Investments AG are among the organizations looking for qualified impact investment professionals.
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