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December is the time we take a look back at our year and recap the highlights.

Our Year in Review

January: We kicked off the new year looking at the trials and tribulations of job titles & job descriptions. We lean towards the "less is more approach" in job descriptions, so the ones we write contain:

  • The title
  • Department
  • Compensation range (if developed)
  • Purpose of the job
  • Requirements for competency

As for job titles, our take at Love HR is be creative as long as the job title is organizationally consistent, relevant to the industry, and recognizable to the job's customer.

February: In February we had a recruitment theme.

March, April & May: These Spring months were dedicated to ideas and techniques to retain great employees and it took us three months because there is so much you can do. (You might be able to guess that this is a core expertise of Love HR and a topic we are very passionate about!) 

June: Moving into Summer, we discussed the components of a good new hire orientation which is also a valuable tool in an employee retention strategy.

July: My least favourite topic, employee terminations, was discussed in July when we looked at the types of terminations as well as the ripple effect of firing an employee.

August: Communication was the theme for August, when we examined the elements of good communication and shared how to communicate your company mission or purpose effectively.

September: September was for you if you were struggling with how to pay your employees. We explored the elements of a good compensation strategy (another passion of Love HR's) and also determined which companies to compare your wages to.

October: We covered a lot of topics in October, but our personal favourites are branding for hiring & selling purposes and training & development.

November: As we got closer to the end of the year, we wanted to be sure you have the basics covered, so we touched on team building and the rules of engagement in a company, the policy & procedure manual. We also took a tongue in cheek look at the holiday season from HR's perspective.

December:  Now, in December, we are planning our content for next year and want to ask you what you would like to see. Please could you help us by taking part in this short (6 question) survey?

That is a wrap of not only our December 2010 newsletter but also our 2010 year in general. Thanks for your participation, support, and for helping Love HR grow. We look forward to hearing from you in the New Year and wish you all the best of the season and a wonderful 2011.

Shawnee Love
Love HR

You Get A Say in 2011
You tell us what HR topics you want to read about in 2011 and we will deliver.
6 questions & 5 minutes on our survey is all it takes. Thanks in advance! 

Upcoming Events
We are looking forward to facilitating the People Management Toolkit seminars in January. You too can learn how to create the "playbook for people" in your company. Register early and take advantage of available training funds and kick start your people initiatives.  Contact your local Community Futures office for more information.

New Love HR Poll: With Christmas on a Saturday, what day are your employees getting off? Vote and see what other companies are doing.

Many Thanks
On November 17th, we shared our Hiring Secrets with Kelowna Women in Business at the Manteo Resort. It was a fun and full house, so we'll let you know where and when we will be sharing these 20 tips again.

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