July 2019 Newsletter
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New IBM Forecast
We are now using IBM - The Weather Company as our forecast provider. The forecast is specific to your location as a 4 km square section in the IBM grid - each square having it's own forecast. The forecast can be displayed on the Harvest Data Portal or Web App.
Spring Servicing and Maintenance
Ensure your Harvest system is fully operational as part of your preparations for spring. Contact us so we can put you in touch with the nearest service agent. You can also follow our System Maintenance Guidelines which includes information such as how to check and clear your rain gauge and clean your solar panel. This will ensure your Harvest system stays in top working condition.
Water Meter Monitoring
Harvest can monitor any water meter with a pulse output, and send it to the council on your behalf. A water meter can be monitored with one of our base stations or a wireless remote. We are also Blue Tick Accredited, contact us for more information. 
Configurable Alarms
Harvest can provide text, voice and email alarms for a variety of parameters monitored by your system. We can modify the threshold of the alarms as you require and also add/remove people from your alarm rosters. Example alarms include frost alarms (temperature has fallen below 2 degrees), compliance alarms (80% of daily take used), soil moisture (low soil moisture level), tank level (tank level has fallen to 10%) etc. Contact us if you have an alarm you would like configured for your site. 
New Camera
Below are two still images taken by the new camera we've begun supplying, this can connect to an existing ITU G2 base station. Contact us for more information
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"Now that we have been running the system for several months, we are so confident in it’s ability to switch off if there is a issue, that we can run the irrigator at night when the conditions are right. I can also monitor the system on the laptop or phone and turn it off remotely if for instance we get an unexpected shower of rain."

- Craig Wightman, Wightman Agri Ltd
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