This training program is one of the best investments any organisation can make simply because it affects the core relationship that can make or break any business: the relationship
between leaders and employees.

By changing the management culture from a directive-authoritarian type to a coaching one, will not only help you to develop all employees across the company on all different levels from top to bottom, but you will also achieve what any employer would dream of - sense of personal responsibility and ownership in your employees.

Leading through Coaching is a transformational process, one that will help you unlock the true potential of your employees. Creating an environment conducive and supportive of coaching at the organisation should be any successful leader’s personal obligation.

By giving and receiving direct and indirect coaching on a regular basis you will see how your workforce drives the business and the profit to the maximum, while enjoying their work and aspiring to further develop and grow.

During our programme we use different techniques, from video recording to one-to-one coaching with lots of practice and follow-ups using real case studies from your own company, tailoring the program to suit your business needs.

For maximum impact and results we recommend that all managers who have direct reports attend this training program.

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