What is even the right question to ask? Sometimes it's hard to articulate your research question, especially if you're new to a domain. 

Starting this week, Elicit will help you with that stuckness - we've added "Brainstorm research questions" to the home page!

If all you have are keywords or a vague phrase, click the "Brainstorm questions" bar to scroll through some question options. 

Searching for questions instead of phrases in Elicit will get you more relevant results for columns like the Takeaway from the abstract. Looking through question options might help you scope your research goals, before you even see the results.

Also, Elicit now shows your recent queries. You can come back to past searches that worked well or that you want to continue learning about. 

Brainstorm research question ideas here!


P.S. Lit Review in Elicit is now 1 year old! It is old enough to wave "bye-bye" and put a block in a cup.

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