Elicit now predicts which of our preset "columns" of information are most relevant to your query. You see them by default without having to add them yourself. 

But wait! There's more:

Click into a row to see a Summary tab that shows all information about a single paper and where Elicit got it from.

Click on each answer in the summary tab to zoom in to the relevant snippet in the text. 

Even if there is no answer, this is a useful way to find the part of the paper most likely to talk about what you're looking for. 


But wait! Still more: 

If you find yourself with new questions as you read through the paper, just ask it in that very same summary tab and again hop to the relevant part of the paper!

I'll do it here:

It's a reading experience both old and new. On the one hand, we're already ctrl+f'ing our way through papers or jumping around to e.g. look at the figures first.  

On the other hand, it's experimenting with an iterative, question-based way of reading as opposed a top-down, left-right way of reading. 

Note: All of these features work best if you have the Has PDF filter toggled on. Otherwise, we can only use the abstract and there's only so much hopping you can do there.

You can try the new flow here! Curious if it feels more familiar or more new to you. 


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