4 Elicit updates for you this week: 

1. You can now click your browser's back button to go back to your last Elicit page. If you want to experiment with different filters, you no longer have to feel paranoid about losing your work. 

2. You can also share the URL of your results page with others! This V0 saves your sorts, filters, and columns but not your stars. Here are the results for "How does Airbnb affect culture?" sorted by citation count and showing the region that the paper talks about.

NB: we might change the implementation of links next week in a way that breaks links shared between now and then. Experiment with it but don't rely too heavily on it yet. 

3. We converted last week's How to use Elicit Responsibly post into an FAQ page directly on Elicit.

4. Lastly, we published a video walking through a different workflow in Elicit - starting with a single paper (instead of a question) and organizing the references & citations of those papers.
The starring feature in Elicit looks forwards and backwards through the starred papers' citation graphs and includes those in the search results. This lets you collect related research and organize them using other table features. 

Try the new features & let me know what you think!

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