Thank you everyone who filled out our feedback survey! We got a lot from your responses so I also wanted to share the information with you. 

Response rate
  • 237 people filled out the survey, 4x as many as in February. 
  • But since Elicit has grown 15x (!) since February to around 40,000 users (!) the survey respondents make up less than 1% of Elicit users.  

Overall value
  • The overall trends look great, especially given how much Elicit grew.  
  • On average, people are more likely to recommend Elicit to their friends (8.9 out of 10) than in February. 
    • Specifically, a larger percentage of people were very likely to recommend Elicit to their friends: 72% answered 9 or 10. Many already have - Elicit grows entirely by word of mouth. 
    • For people who would not recommend Elicit to their friends, the primary specific reasons were because they didn't find relevant papers for their queries, need a more specific use case, or are still exploring. 
  • The percentage of people who would be very disappointed if Elicit went away is stable at 46%.

Time saved
  • Elicit saves people a lot of time!
    • Elicit likely saves respondents between 227 and 454 hours every week.  
    • Since less than 1% of Elicit users responded, the total amount of time that Elicit saves all users could be an order of magnitude than that (or more) 🤯
  • Our team is 8 people; we invest around 400 staff hours building Elicit each week. We're now at the point where the time savings delivered to users outweigh the time spent building it!

Use cases
  • Most people still want Elicit to help them find papers to cite, define research directions, and conduct systematic reviews. 
  • Understanding paper content was chosen less frequently this time than last, though we did change the structure of this question across the two surveys. 
  • Elicit is doing much better at helping with each of these jobs than it was in February.

Feature requests
We didn't include an explicit question about feature requests but some people shared their requests in the survey. Common ones include:
  1. Better Takeaways from the abstract.
  2. The ability to dive more deeply into papers. 
  3. Better papers: more papers, more PDFs, more recent papers, searching over custom papers, etc. 
We're working on all of these in Q3 :) 

As you may have noticed, we really really value your feedback. There are many places in the app to share feedback but this survey helps us zoom out and get your take on Elicit overall. Thanks so much for your taking the time to share your thoughts. 


P.S. If you're interested, you can also check out results from our Oct 2021 and Feb 2022 surveys. 
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