Today, I'm going to introduce a feature that helps you both check Elicit's answers and read papers by asking questions. 

But first, I'm going to introduce you to my new cat. 

More accurately, this is my neighbor's cat who has started mewing at my door multiple times a day and spending most of his daytime hours in my house. 

His name is ... Orange Cat.

I call him Spiggy.

Spiggy is no ordinary cat. I often find him in poses like this. 

Or passed out after a particularly intense brainstorming session like this. 

I've never met a cat like this before. So that left me wondering, how do cats have such different personalities? Are there lots of cats like Spiggy out there?

Turns out, many people have studied cat personality types. Here's a study called The ‘Feline Five’: An exploration of personality in pet cats (Felis catus)

Elicit gives me a quick overview of what this paper is about. I read through the Summary information and view the Sources from the paper. 

The most relevant passage is light blue. The two most relevant sentences in that passage are dark blue

This makes it a lot easier to catch when Elicit answered incorrectly.

You can also "interview" the paper by asking your own questions and jumping to relevant parts. It's a new, question-directed way of reading. 

It's really important that you can check Elicit's work easily. As machine learning models become more complex, we need to build systems like this to check them. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's adventures of Spiggy & seeing source passages in Elicit. 

You can learn more about dominant cats here,


P.S. Over the weekend, we tested an exciting feature that summarizes papers into a neat paragraph. We got great feedback (1, 2, 3) but decided that the accuracy needs to be better before rolling it out further. We've disabled it for now. Sorry if that causes any confusion! 

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