Happy New Year Elicit fam!!!! I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season. 

2022 was a huge year for Elicit & the Ought team

  • Our user base grew 38x, from about 3,000 users at the start of the year to over 115,000 now 😲
  • Interest in language models & transformer-based applications exploded with the launches of DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and ChatGPT.
  • The average Elicit user now saves about 1.4 hours per week. Across all users, we're saving 10,000+ hours per week. Many people tell us that they've completely replaced Google Scholar with Elicit. 
  • We continued to launch a new feature almost every week (as many of you long-time email recipients know intimately well). James, our Head of Engineering, made this epic video to cover some of the major launches over the year (sound on): 

We are so grateful for those of you who have supported Elicit over the last year. Your Tweets, emails, Slack messages are incredibly motivating for our team. Every week, at our team syncs, we read through our favorites. 

2023 will be bigger still

2022 Elicit primarily helped full-time researchers with literature review. Lit review is one of the most frustrating and time-consuming things researchers do. We all hate the fear of missing a key paper, or spending lots of time reading through papers only to realize that they are not relevant. Understanding the current state of research and finding good evidence in papers are also fundamental building blocks for all other types of research.

But research is so much more than literature review. Heading into 2023, our team is thinking about how Elicit can support workflows beyond literature review. How can we extend Elicit's ability to find and parse academic texts to help people generate experiment ideas? Critique research proposals? Understand how a newly published paper should update your view of things? 

Eventually, we want to build a reasoning assistant that not only helps researchers with research, but also a broader audience with decision-making, scenario planning, and ideating. 

We've loved working on this expansion so far but it is tough! There are so many directions we can go in. Thank you for your patience and constant feedback. Apologies for not being able to get to all of your requests and bug reports as quickly as we'd like to. 

It's clear that we're living through the development of a transformative technology. We are grateful to be working with it every day and thinking carefully about how to direct the development of AI to be maximally good for the world. We are also grateful that it is not just impactful but so fun, in huge part because you are all so helpful and encouraging. Thanks for giving us the support we need to tackle some gnarly problems. 

Let's go 2023!!! 


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