Introducing a new paper page in Elicit! The new layout shows key information from the paper in a Summary card. You'll see the Takeaway from the abstract and information from other columns in the table. 

Here are some ways to use it:

1. Get an overview of the paper before reading it
The new layout typically introduces the intervention applied, population studied, and outcomes measured. You can orient yourself before settling into the details of the paper. 

2. Extract information for a Risk of Bias analysis
We added a Risk of Bias card, which makes the most sense for interventional studies like randomized controlled trials. In this section, we try to extract information that can help you evaluate possible limitations or systematic errors of studies. (There are many resources for understanding risk of bias analyses; here's one.)

Upload papers you've already found to get some quick Risk of Bias stats!

Some questions for you:
  1. Is this intro helpful before reading the paper?
  2. Does this interface work for you or no? What can we change to make it better? 
Thanks in advance for your feedback! You can see the new paper page here



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