Your feedback is essential for making Elicit better. As an expert in your domain, you can more critically evaluate the information Elicit is pulling from papers. 

I'd really appreciate your feedback in two ways:

1. On specific information in your Elicit search results
We launched a feedback module at the cell-level so you can provide feedback on specific Elicit answers. 

You can click on the "Takeaway from abstract" cells or any of the other columns you add to your table, then scroll down and share your thoughts. 

This will help us identify imperfect answers that Elicit generates, which we can use to improve our models for the future. 

2. On your overall Elicit experience
Every quarter, we collect high-level feedback from our users to learn more about who they are and what they generally need from Elicit. You can see how our Oct 2021 and Feb 2022 survey results informed our decision-making. 

This is the first question: 
Thanks for all of your feedback!


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