A few weeks ago we launched a new way to read papers in Elicit. We’ve now made reading papers in Elicit (hopefully) even easier.

Possible critiques

Possible critiques is one of our most popular features, so we made it easier to find.

We’ve heard that researchers often want to know: “How have other people talked about this paper?”. With possible critiques, Elicit looks at how a paper was cited and shows you any citations that critiqued the methodology of the paper.

Cleaner individual paper view

We've cleaned up the individual paper view. You can now see "Abstract summary", "What did they test?", "What outcomes did they measure?", "Who were the participants?" and "Can I trust this paper?" as simple bullet points in the summary pane on the left.

If you click the text, Elicit jumps to the part of the paper that's most relevant on the right.

Our vision is for the summary pane to be customized for each user. I'd love to hear: What would you want to see in your Elicit summary pane?

Try out the new individual paper view here.


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