Now you can search through the citation graphs of papers you upload (forwards & backwards). Upload a few papers to Elicit and then click Show more like starred. Elicit will search through the papers' references and later citations to find more relevant papers. 

You can use this to see if recent papers contradict findings from your uploads. In the example below, I uploaded two papers from 2013 and 1992 claiming that Vitamin A supplementation reduced childhood mortality in India and Nepal. When I clicked Show more like starred and sorted by publication year I found reviews from 2022 challenging those findings. 

If you're starting your literature review with a couple of strong papers, you can also use this feature to find more studies like them. 

Then, you can group the papers by features like Number of participants, Age of participants, Region studied, Outcome measured and more. 

Explore what's in the research space around your existing papers!


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