Thank you everyone who filled out the Elicit feedback survey! We use these surveys to measure our progress over time and figure out what we should build next. 

Here's what we learned, if you're interested. 

The response rate was low so results may not be representative. But we can still learn a ton from these. 

How valuable is Elicit?

Elicit seems to be getting more valuable! People are more likely to recommend Elicit to their friends and feel very disappointed if Elicit went away. (FYI 40% of users saying they would be "very disappointed" is a good benchmark.) 

What did we learn?

We have many discussions on what types of needs and users to prioritize. Should we focus on helping with systematic reviews? Or help people walk away from Elicit with a decision-relevant answer? While we want to do all of these eventually, the survey results have moved us towards focusing on people who have time, want to find good papers, and want to go deeper. 

Also, there's a lot of room for improvement. 

What will we do next? 

Informed by this survey, our roadmap now prioritizes helping you:
  1. Find more & better papers. We're working on showing you more papers, building our own semantic search engine, and building features that let you control the results more (e.g. filtering for keywords). 
  2. Go deeper inside papers. It's clear that a lot of the information you need can't be found in the abstract. We're experimenting with searching for answers to your questions using the full text of papers we have access to. 
  3. Use Elicit more smoothly. This involves making Elicit faster, simplifying the interface to prevent overwhelm, and making it clearer where information is coming from. 
We're excited to blow these numbers out of the water in the next survey! 

Thanks for helping us build this,

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