We upgraded the Elicit interface! Here are the key changes - 

Add information about papers
When you're trying to sort through many papers to find relevant research, Elicit can help by extracting information from many papers at once. 

Use the menu on the left to add information like population studied, study design, limitations, and more. 

Recommended columns are shown by default. You can search through other preset columns, or ask an entirely new question by typing it out. 

Click on the << icon at the top left to hide the menu. 

Filter for PDFs & study types
Filters, sorts & exports moved to the top of the results pane.

You can filter for papers that have PDFs: Elicit will extract more information from these papers. You can also filter for methodologies like randomized controlled trials, or abstracts that contain specific keywords. 

You can sort by every column you see in the table, as well as citation count and publication year. 

When you're done, export your work as .csv or .bib files. 

Once you try the new layout, let me know if anything is confusing! I'm personally excited about the sleekness and emphasis on automatically extracting information from papers to add to your table. But we're still clicking around and getting used to things too. 


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