We launched a feature called Q&A in Elicit! Ask any question that the paper discusses. See Elicit's model-generated answer and the most relevant part of the paper informing that answer. 

Ctrl+F fails when you know the concept you're looking for but not the exact keywords used in the paper. Sometimes, you want to search for multiple keywords. Because Elicit's Q&A isn't keyword-based, it finds the most relevant parts of the paper even if there is no keyword overlap with your question.  

How to use it:
  1. Enter your research question
  2. Filter for Has PDF
  3. Click into a row
  4. Click into the Q&A tab
  5. Ask your question about the paper
It might be most useful for papers you upload. In that case, replace steps 1 and 2 with clicking Run Elicit on your own papers on the homepage. 

Try questions like:
  1. How many people completed {the intervention}?
  2. When was the followup done?
  3. How much did the intervention cost?
  4. Was there any blinding?
  5. How did they randomize?
  6. What benchmarks did they use? 

This is one of the new workflows we're testing. Feedback is especially helpful now. We'd love to know whether this is intuitive, how it fits into your research process and what kinds of results you get. 

Check it out & let me know what you think!

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