I liked introducing context highlights in Elicit through stories about Spiggy last week so I thought I'd continue introducing Elicit features in the context of research questions I'm encountering in my own life.

Recently, a friend shared with me that since getting covid, she's found herself struggling with more serious depression leading up to her menstruation cycle. I also saw an article online implying that covid seemed to be affecting menstruation cycles, so I wanted to dig into it more. 

I asked Elicit "How does covid affect menstruation?" then looked at Population summary and Outcomes measured until I found papers that focus on mental health effects

This first paper seems interesting. It's brief but discusses a survey of 113 covid-positive women between the ages of 18 to 45. The study finds that "patients with moderate-to-severe disease experienced statistically significant levels of depression." 

We can now share links to Elicit views of specific papers by copying and pasting the URL.

So here's the link to the paper, friend. 

I'm sorry to hear that you have to walk through this valley each month. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there's too much research on this yet. Maybe it helps to know that 52 out of 113 women surveyed in Noida, India may be wrestling with a similar experience. 

& for everyone else - maybe one way to express that you care about someone is to do a bit of research on a topic they care about and send them some helpful resources. Now you can send a link to an entire page of Elicit results, or just a single paper. 

I'm excited for the day when we save the Custom questions people ask about each paper so that multiple friends can help each other dissect studies. 



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