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I hope you have absolutely killed this week! I have absolutely just barely made it alive to almost the end of the week! School’s begun here in our little part of the world and that means I’m riding herd over three kiddos doing a variety of in-person, hybrid and full-time virtual school. 

This yields two results: I’m hitting my daily step goal walking back and forth between the two kids and their gremlin-infested computers and two, I’m struggling to string together two consecutive thoughts. 

Arguably, I’ve never been that skilled at stringing together thoughts, but it’s even tougher these days. As a result, you get the rapid fire bonus round of Muslim Connect today. 

Four super quick ideas

David Wood
If you like poking the bear, David Wood might be your guy. He’s crazy smart and pleasingly snarky! His “Five Reasons Christians Should Learn about Islam” video is a great start. His YouTube channel has both brief and long form videos. What sometimes seems to me like lack of respect and honor for Muslims also reminds me that God feels free to use all kinds of people to get his work done. 

Pray for Muslim Teachers
Faithful Muslim Connect reader Mert encourages us to pray for Muslim school teachers. He interacted with one yesterday who was praying not to lose her sanity. While we’re at it, let’s spread that prayer net out to include all teachers. 

Joke of the Day
Why do Muslims like Covid? Because they’re not getting blamed for it! Yes ISIS desperately tries to validate itself by stepping up attacks and encouraging children (!) to spread the disease to non-believers, but most normal Muslims must be happy that the damage of the virus is not getting pinned on them. 

Thank You Video
The annual Muslim Connect summer fund raiser was designated to help me purchase equipment for effective videos. Watch this video that’s both a thank you and a tribute to the success of the campaign. 

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