Love Muslims the way Jesus Loves Muslims.
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Have you attended any graduations this spring? At my daughter’s high school graduation yesterday, their valedictorian said something I thought was helpful for these days, “My motto is ‘be a little braver.'” Nice, eh? 

I was a little braver in an online conversation with my Syrian friend yesterday and told him I was burdened by some of the racial struggles in my country right now. (As you know, it’s way easier to present your “doing totally fine” online self.) 

That confession led to a nice moment of empathy. We talked about the challenges of police overstepping their boundaries and he shared some of what he faced in Syria before getting asylum in Saudi Arabia. 

I’m confident I have no idea what it was or is like to live through the hard times Syrians have recently, but I welcomed that bit of connection. It cheered me.

It’s a little like a connection Jesus made with two of his followers just after he beat death. I flat out love Luke’s episode on the road to Emmaus. Here are two people who’ve just been through the wringer. But like us, they don’t know if they’re really through or the worst is yet to come! 

Then along walks Jesus, the freshly resurrected Son of God. And he’s playing dumb! But then with what must have been the kindest scolding voice ever, he says, “You foolish guys. Don’t you believe the Bible?” And goes on to open the word to them, healing their hearts and restoring their hope. 

May you get a little of that healing and restoration from Jesus today. Maybe reach out to a Muslim friend and ask how they are processing what’s going on. Contact me if you’d like to hear how to connect with Muslims online. 


Two days ago, I recommended a book I want to read called “White Awake,” then happily discovered InterVarsity Press is offering it free. But just through today! (Friday, June 12th) Grab a copy and let’s learn together. 

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