IN THIS ISSUE: New Solos: The First Steps in a New Direction (Michael Charles Smith), The Fairview Hymns (Holst & Vaughan Williams; arr. Brian Mueller), New Duets: My Beautiful Chaos (Thomas R. Marceau), New Ensembles: Aeolian Dreams (Chris Roode), Nzuri Mwana (Stuart P. O'Neil), Nimrod (Elgar; arr. Michael Charles Smith), Angels in the Moonlight (Brian Slawson), TRiBE (Chad Heiny), Sofapilla (Chuck Ricotta), A Work of Fiction (Tyler Nechamkin), Concertpiece for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble (Taylor; arr. Jason Baker), VDL Tip: Timing Suspended Cymbal Rolls in Finale.


We've been busy with a plethora of new releases (and lots more on the way!) so let's get right to the good stuff. Read more on the latest solo, duet, and ensemble titles for your percussion program.
New Solos
The First Steps in a New Direction


Michael Charles Smith composed The First Steps in a New Direction during his early years of study at the University of Oregon READ MORE...
The Fairview Hymns


The Fairview Hymns is Brian Mueller’s arrangement of two traditional English hymnal melodies for solo marimba. The two melodies differ in READ MORE...
My Beautiful Chaos (duet version)


Written to portray the relationship between his two sons, Samuel and Liam, Thomas R. Marceau’s My Beautiful Chaos is an READ MORE...
New Ensembles
Aeolian Dreams


Chris Roode composed Aeolian Dreams at a time in his life when he was preparing to move across the country and begin a new career. In his own words, the piece "interweaves the READ MORE...
Nzuri Mwana


Stuart P. O’Neil’s piece Nzuri Mwana is a work inspired by the rhythms and musical textures of Africa. Featuring a flute soloist who carries the melody throughout the piece, the READ MORE...
Nimrod (Elgar)
Michael Charles Smith’s arrangement of Edward Elgar’s Nimrod affords a marimba quartet the opportunity to experience and perform one of the standard orchestral READ MORE...
Angels in the Moonlight


Brian Slawson’s Angels in the Moonlight takes its influences from two well known pieces, the traditional French hymn Angels We Have Heard On High and Beethoven’s immortal READ MORE...


Each of the four multifaceted movements of Chad Heiny’s TRiBE depict different moods, different musical styles, and different aspects of a tribal ceremony, all READ MORE...


Sofapilla by Chuck Ricotta is a large percussion ensemble piece that requires a strong sense of groove. Because of the rhythmic variety within individual parts, players must be READ MORE...
A Work of Fiction


Tyler Nechamkin's stirring marimba quartet, A Work of Fiction, is meant to represent a "choose-your-own audible adventure" READ MORE...
Concertpiece for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble


Originally composed for solo marimba and wind ensemble, this version of Clifton Taylor’s Concertpiece READ MORE...


One of the most common things we hear people asking about are suspended cymbal rolls in Virtual Drumline. Here, in this lesson from Virtual Drumline Demystified, Bryan Harmsen (Visaudio) offers some helpful tips to ensure your impacts land where you want them to!
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