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Apr 12, 2021 02:50 pm | Benjamin Andrews

Animal Control Reminder

Spring is the time of year when wildlife and humans collide. If on your spring journies, you run into baby wildlife, follow this rule: leave them alone. Animal mothers do not typically reside near their babies because their presence draws unwanted attention. Baby animals survive by staying hidden and by not moving. 

If an animal, however, does appears injured, or in a dangerous location, please call Animal Control - (920) 819-6709 - or the Green Bay Wild Life Sanctuary - (920) 391-3671/3685.  

Please Don’t Use Trapping! – Trapping, even live trapping, in spring or summer can harm adult animals, leaving their baby animal orphaned. Without their parents, baby animals will inevitably starve. If you are interested in learning about more effective, humane, and inexpensive alternatives, contact Animal Control.

As a reminder, it is against the law and dangerous to keep wild animals if you don’t have permits, even if you plan on releasing them. For more information about rescuing wildlife or deterring their presence, contact Animal Control

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Apr 12, 2021 09:28 am | Benjamin Andrews

The Perfect Landscape

A gorgeous home landscape doesn’t need to come at the price of clean lakes and streams. We can have both. But to make it happen, we all need to think a little differently


The more concrete or blacktop your property has, the more water will run off the property and into storm drains and ditches. Seventy-five percent more rainwater sinks into the ground in a natural versus developed area. Stormwater that flows from developed areas also carries oil, grease, fertilizer, bacteria, exhaust particles, etc. Planning for minimal hard surfaces on your property makes good sense. Consider the amount of runoff that will be generated by roofs, pavement, and sidewalks. Focus on natural plantings to slow water so that it filters into the ground rather than runs off. Where needed, install pavement such as open bricks that allow water to sink into the ground.

Minimizing runoff reduces damage to your property and others downstream. It may also save you money if you live in a city that has a stormwater utility since stormwater utility fees are based on the amount of runoff your property sends to the storm sewer system.


Rain gardens are slight depressions in a yard that act as receiving areas for rainwater that runs off your roof and downspouts. Rain gardens capture rainwater before it picks up oil, grease, fertilizer, pet waste, or other contaminants. Rain gardens replenish groundwater by infiltrating runoff rather than passing it into the stormwater system. Often they’re planted with native plants that thrive on moisture but can withstand a dry period, too.


A rain barrel captures water that flows from a roof through downspouts. Commonly, the rain barrel is a 55-gallon drum designed specifically to hold water without creating a mosquito breeding habitat. A tight-fitting lid, seal for the downspout, and filtered overflow valve allows overflow water to move away from the rain barrel.

Resources brought you by Renew Our Water; for additional information, visit

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Apr 12, 2021 08:19 am | Benjamin Andrews

Regular Village Board Meeting – April 14, 2021


The next Regular Meeting of the Village Board is scheduled for Wednesday, April 14, 2021- 6:30 PM, at the Village Hall/Public Safety Building at 3100 Eaton Road. To access the agenda and the agenda packet, click the hyperlink below!


Agenda Packet

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Apr 12, 2021 08:11 am | Benjamin Andrews

Pitch, Hit & Run

Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit & Run is a FREE One-day event for boys and girls ages 7-14.  PHR is the official skills competition of Major League Baseball.  Competitors compete in four age groups:  7/8, 9/10, 11/12, or 13/14.  Age is determined as of July 17, 2021. 

More information and the link to register is available on our website.

Pitch, Hit, & Run - Village of Bellevue

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Apr 12, 2021 08:10 am | Benjamin Andrews

WPR - Street Light Maintenance

Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) is responsible for the street light maintenance.  If you witness an outage, residents can report the outage to WRS by phone or website. 


Phone: WPS Residential Service Line - 800-450-7260 (24 hours) 

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Apr 09, 2021 08:00 am | Benjamin Andrews

Spring Brush Pick-Up

The Village of Bellevue's Public Works Department will soon be conducting Spring brush pick up. Please utilize the attached map to determine which date your area is picked up. Please have your brush on the curb prior to the week of the scheduled pick-up. 

Spring 2021:



April 19 - April 23

Main & East of Main St. (Hwy 29)

April 26 - April 30

West of Main St. (Hwy 29)

 Please observe the following rules when placing materials out for collection:

  • Brush up to 3" in diameter is acceptable in lengths no greater than 12 feet.
  • Brush up to 6" in diameter is acceptable in lengths no greater than 8 feet.
  • Brush greater than 6" in diameter cannot be accepted at the curb. Larger brush, including stumps up to 12" in diameter at ground level, can be taken to the yard waste site.
  • Avoid cutting brush shorter than needed as fewer pieces are less handling for crews.
  • Lay brush in piles at the curb with the branches laying parallel to the street. All branches should be lying in the same direction.
  • Do Not place Leaves or Garden Waste in with the pile of branches

Correct Placement

Incorrect Placement

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Apr 08, 2021 08:00 am | Benjamin Andrews

Employment Opportunity - GIS/GPS Intern

 Next Review: 04/16/202; $15-$16/hour DOQ!

The Village of Bellevue is seeking highly-skilled and ambitious applicants for the position of GIS/GPS Intern. The position is responsible for providing data development, design, and collection, and operation of our geographic information system (GIS) and computer-aided design (CAD) software.
If you know someone who might be interested in the position, please forward them our job positing and description.

To apply for this position, send a cover letter, resume, and completed employment application to or mail to:

Village of Bellevue, Attn:
Human Resources
2828 Allouez Ave
Green Bay, WI 54311

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Apr 07, 2021 03:02 pm | Benjamin Andrews

2021 Crack Filling - Invitation for Proposal


You are invited by the Village of Bellevue, Brown County, Wisconsin to submit a sealed proposal at or before 11:00 am. on Tuesday, May 4th. 2021 to the Village of Bellevue office. At that time, they will be opened and read aloud. Opening of bids will take place at 2828 Allouez Avenue, Bellevue, Wisconsin. Any questions can be directed to Eric Woodke, Street Superintendent or 920-593-5518.

Upon entering a contract with the Village of Bellevue, insurance certificates and bonds representing the following must be presented by party submitting successful proposal.

The full invitation for proposal can be found below:

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Apr 07, 2021 08:00 am | Benjamin Andrews

Free YWCA After School Program for BIPOC Middle Schoolers YWCA

 Tuesdays and Thursdays, April 12-June 16 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM 

*FREE to participating students, there is a 13 person capacity To register or for more information, contact Synala at: 432-5581 ext. 158

This is an opportunity for eligible students to build healthy decision-making by trying different styles of fun fitness activities and food. They will get to work with a variety of fitness teachers and meet other youth! Every week there will be a new fitness activity to help keep things interesting and new, so put on some comfortable clothes and join them! Activities Include FREE Classes with our Swimming, Tae Kwon Do, and Dancing/Tumbling Instructors

Other activities include Basketball, Soccer, and Games Youth


Must be between 11-14 years of age

Minority and/or low-resourced students

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Apr 06, 2021 02:41 pm | Benjamin Andrews

Energy Assistance is Available! Apply!

Brown County Health & Human Services Economic Support administers the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP). WHEAP provides assistance with heating costs and non-heating electric costs. A one-time payment is available between October 1 and May 15 of each year. Most fuel types are eligible to receive assistance. Whether you use wood, propane, natural gas, electricity, or fuel oil to heat your home, energy assistance is available if you qualify.

A household may qualify for crisis assistance if you have no heat, have received a disconnect notice from the heating vendor or are nearly out of bulk fuel and cannot afford to purchase more.

Online Application available here ---

WHEAP furnace assistance can provide services to eligible applicants if the furnace or boiler stops operating. Contact our office immediately if you are experiencing a no heat situation.

Contact them for an appointment (in office or by phone) or a paper application!

111 N. Jefferson Street

Green Bay, WI 54305

Phone: (920) 448-6460


Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm

Opportunity Contact Name

  Brown County Health & Human Services

Opportunity Contact Email/Phone

  920-448-6460 or

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