The heart of any real change

Hi dear friend,

Can you feel it? We are at a pivotal point in time.

The past decades have given rise to the worst but also the best examples of human capabilities.

From misguided, narcissistic leaders threatening with nuclear bombs to young, courageous individuals igniting a global movement for the reversal of climate change.

Wow, right?

Through the felt friction of polarities, people are becoming increasingly aware of the need for positive change. Green, conscious initiatives are popping up everywhere.

At the heart of any meaningful, wholesome transformation, is Presence: the deeper source of knowing from which true wisdom emerges.

In my view, Presence (or Love, Awareness, God or whichever name you want to give it) is our only chance for real, sustainable, positive change.

I have a sense of urgency about this and it helps me get and keep my priorities straight.

All the work that I do is aimed at increasing awareness of who we are at the deepest level. And I want to invite you to join me. Some opportunities coming up soon:

*The Peace Portal*
The Peace Portal = breath coaching live and online by me + The Presence Process by Michael Brown + my personal lessons arising from applying the Process several times.
If you want to do The Presence Process (a 10 week process for self realization and inner peace) while receiving professional breath guidance and coaching from me, check out The Peace Portal here:

*Transformational Truffle Retreat*
Hosted by Jan, Eva, Sacha and me
Are you are interested in the transformational potential of psilocybin as a tool for self realization? Would you like to participate in a legal, beautiful and deep ceremony carefully crafted in a safe setting of love, nature and supportive practices? Visit, or ask your questions in a reply to this email. There is only one retreat currently open for registration: November 8-10.

*Nature walk with guided breathwork*
On Sunday, October 13th in Maarn, UT (NL) starting from the train station (18 mins from Utrecht CS). Come explore the natural rhythms of the forest, your body and breath, and the elements. Tune in to your inner nature reflected so perfectly in outer nature, and realize our true nature. We will finish by symbolically harvesting the fruits of our inner work so bring a bag because the ‘fruits’ are real chestnuts! 😉

Hope to see you at one of these events or sometime, someplace else!


PS: I am also always super happy to hear from you: how are you? 💛 Landgoed De Horst Horst 1, Gebouw 7 Vossensteijn Driebergen, Utrecht 3971 KR Netherlands
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