Hej <<First Name>>,

Goodness, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for weeks now! Here we go:

We are moving to Sweden!

We have been dreaming of a life of natural bounty and simplicity. And then, last January, there came the opportunity to buy a piece of land, bordering a pristine lake, and we said YES.

We found this incredibly beautiful piece of forest in south Sweden, in the region called Småland, at the northwest end of a lake called Hyllen, just southeast of Åsnen national park. It is full of trees and mossy rocks now, and there are no buildings... yet.

What we envision is to rewild big parts of the 8.3 hectares (12 soccer fields) of forest, inviting nature to further run its course. And to start off our journey, we will live in a wooden yurt (to be built this Summer) for the first couple of months, getting to know the land and water, their history, inhabitants and surroundings.

We will create an eco/permaculture vegetable garden and food forest and, in time, build several wooden yurts for workshops, rental and (private) retreats.

We are now planning the first building (working title: Villa Väckelsång) which will house a lakeside lounge and beautiful open kitchen and amenities, plus a forestry & carpentry workshop.

Of course, we want to share this abundance with you! Keep an eye out for us on social media. We will build this place up with our own hands and hearts, and hopefully a little help ;), and share all about our process online.

Would you like to come and see or help us? We are looking forward to your visit!

Does our new adventure spur any ideas in you?
Please share them with us. Our plans will evolve to match the needs, inspiration and visions in our network, so we warmly welcome your input - any tips, inspiration and (local) connections you may have.


Meanwhile, I continue to offer more and more breath & bodywork sessions. Every time, I feel so happy to be doing this work that helps people relieve their stress and suffering. It makes me feel deeply alive. Sounds good? Join!

Breath evening workshops: Every first Tuesday of the month in Driebergen. Next up: April 5th.

It’s always a pleasure hearing from you!

Shout out if you like: reply here, or connect on Instagram.

Hej då,