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July 2015

Wind instrument group wins gold medal     

FIU's Indoor Winds group took home the gold medal in the Independent Wind Category at the Winder Guard International 2015 World Championships. An auxiliary program of the FIU Marching Band, FIU Indoor Winds is composed of students who have a passion for competing using wind instruments and entertaining performances. <Read>
Great War stories

FIU Police offer supervised Craigslist purchases

The FIU Police Department now offers appointments to arrange meetings with sellers right at the FIU station, with an officer overseeing the transaction to prevent fraud and keep all parties involved safe. <Read>
Jennifer Chen Med student

What you need to know about the fatal drug, fentanyl 

A surge in news stories about the drug fentanyl has led to increased efforts by Student Health Services to educate students about the hazards of the drug when used recreationally.  <Read>

On Your Radar
Last day to drop Summer B classes with a DR grade
Monday, July 20 is the last day to drop a course with a DR grade. Students will still be financially liable for Tuition & Fees. <More>

Getting involved on campus 
On Wednesday, July 22 discover why it is beneficial to get involved on campus. <More>
Last day of Summer B 
Friday, July 31 is the last day of Summer B 2015 classes. 


Student Budget Calculator 
The Student Budget Calculator can help your student manage college expenses and determine if additional resources for funding are needed. View Tuition Costs and the 2015-2016 Financial Aid section in your student's account for more information.
*Students fully admitted and who have completed Financial Aid verification will be awarded  Fall/Spring Financial Aid by the third week of July.

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