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Five more years!
We want to thank everyone who is helping us celebrate the five year anniversary of No Agenda. There are only two days left to add your name to the list of $55.55 donations. Please get in on this contribution before Thursday, the day before our actual 5th Anniversary, which is coincidentally the same day in 1775 that King George III of Great Britain went before Parliament to declare the American colonies in rebellion, and then authorized his military to stamp out the American Revolution. Click here.
This week’s show will discuss the last (thank god) Obama-Romney debate. Do you know that there was an injunction brought against the debate that almost put it on hold? We'll discuss this and other little known aspects of the event.
Also, we were both amused at an Italian judge throwing a six-year prison sentence on some scientists for NOT predicting an earthquake and not warning the public. Great lunacy in Italy.
John and Adam will discuss their latest predictions about the upcoming election and more on the special 5th anniversary edition of the No Agenda Show. It’s the only show that brings unique news analysis and deconstruction. Help us celebrate.
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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