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Flood Edition
New Jersey Report (from news sources)
 ...As authorities rushed to clear loose electrical wires from the paths of emergency vehicles, one public worker cut his leg with a chainsaw as he extricated a tree from the tangled lines. He returned to work after getting stitches. The city also added 20 extra police officers, deploying 14 to direct traffic on chaotic streets, and several drove around pitch-black neighborhoods with their lights on to deter criminals.

“No power means no alarms and no streetlights,” Cattano said.

In Manville, which was devastated by Hurricane Floyd in 1999, Main Street was under water and police requested people to stay out of town. Stores were closed around the state and in Denville, where much of the downtown area was darkened, the Rockaway River was just inches from inundating the Diamond Road Bridge, rebuilt in 2000. Close to 120,000 PSE&G customers in northern and central New Jersey were still without electricity today, including some 80,000 in Bergen County. Atlantic Electric reported 1,972 outages in its area of South Jersey and JCP&L listed 35,000 outages across its area. Power to most of its customers will not be restored until Wednesday.

The Middlesex Water Co. issued a 48-hour boil water notice, and United Water New Jersey also asked its Teaneck customers to boil water after the Haworth Water Treatment Plant suffered power outages. Along most of the Shore, flood warnings stayed in effect today as the boundary between water and land began to blur in coastal communities.

This was reported in The NJ Star-Ledger on March 14, 2010. You can go back and back. It's always the same. Does anyone in New Jersey understand the meaning of “flood plain?”

In August of 2011, just last year, there was flooding. Below is a picture that ran on Sept. 7, 2008 when Hanna flooded Jersey. Before that a big flood occurred in 2006 and on and on. None of this history is even discussed on CNN.


There is a new twist to these floods of 2012 – the election. The Red Cross and Obama are condemning Romney for collecting food when everyone should just be sending money again. But the big twist will be a call for improvements in the power grid as if it had anything to do with it..

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