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Dear Producers,

A court filing out of Chicago emerged this week. It unravels a number of Justice Department led initiatives and manages to explain numerous anomalies in the Fast & Furious gun-walking case. The claim is that the US was arming the Sinaloa cartel to go after all the other cartels leaving one standing and thus reducing the violence someday.

Was Fast & Furious a secret US Government gun running operation? That's what this court filing says. Click here for PDF.

This PDF documents the position of a defendant, a member of the Sinaloa gang, who believed he had immunity from US Government prosecution. He is now spilling the beans on the complicity of the US Government with the Sinaloa drug cartel. This could explode if not quashed fast. But the Obama White house seems to be doing all it can on the three other scandals.

Unfortunately, this meddling has resulted in more violence, murders, and puts Government officials in the hot seat unless we see a masterful job of covering up this court case. We know the usual suspects will cover this is their normal histrionic way but will it go any further and go mainstream?

If you have listened to the recent shows, you’ll know we have been outlining a concerted attack on White House credibility with three distinct attack patterns using the AP snooping story, the Benghazi hearings and the IRS fishing expedition. Along with the Newtown massacre, gun control promotion and the Boston bombing, most people have forgotten about Fast & Furious, which many experts predicted was bigger than it looked.

On the show, we predicted that someone was orchestrating this attack on the White house and it would continue. The team there can only put out so many fires. This upcoming Fast & Furious scandal has the potential to go ballistic if they cannot stamp it out fast. Essentially, the defendant says Fast & Furious was designed to get guns to the Sinaloa Cartel by the USA. It was government sponsored gun-running, not some bogus experiment. From our perspective, the revelations in this document explain a lot. Could it be bullcrap? Yes, but it makes so much sense.

Listen to the upcoming Thursday show for the real analysis you will not get elsewhere. It looks like fun ahead for the No Agenda community.

Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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