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Dear Producers and Supporters,
 This upcoming show promises to be a whopper as the fiscal cliff approaches with the promise of an economic collapse unless Congress and the President decide to get off the golf course and get back to work.
In the meantime, your crew never stopped working which meant doing a show on Thanksgiving while other people took time off. The Sunday show after Thanksgiving was the horrible one with few donations and mediocre news to cover along with it.  The double-whammy.

We want to remind you that our value for value model for a show such as this requires that you – our producers – continue to listen, propagate the formula and continue support in every way possible. It is your show. It is done for you. It will help keep you sane. Continue your support by clicking here.
There are some news stories already cropping up that need analysis. The Susan Rice saga continues with McCain now backing off his distrust of her. If the No Agenda thesis is correct and it is actually Hillary trying to derail Rice's career, you should see something new crop up. How about this question: why is Obama even considering this woman for Secretary of State in the first place? Can't he do better than her?
Have you heard about the latest viruses that will apparently kill you and everyone you know? You'll find out more on the Thursday show. Beware!
Finally, the show takes down all the major headlines and John brings in another “sweetened” news report that you won't want to miss.
John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry
 PS We begin our push this week for the end of the world on 12-21-12 by opening a new open donation to celebrate it coming to an end. You can contribute by clicking here.
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