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On this week’s show, John will discuss some of the details of his visit to the National Association of Broadcasters show, specifically the failure of the F.C.C. to appear at the event “because of the sequester.” The F.C.C. failed to appear because of the grief they are getting over the virtual elimination of low-powered TV by selling the whole system to the cable and phone companies. The F.C.C. failed to appear so they will not have to answer questions about new a dubious limitation imposed on the mainstream broadcasters.

The curious thing is that the F.C.C. should not be affected one iota by the sequester since it is operated as a fee-based entity with its entire budget derived from every sort of fee. So how does this have anything to do with sequester? We will discuss this on the Thursday and Sunday shows. Please tune in live or download these episodes when you can.

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