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Producers and Supporters,

Your support for the 6th anniversary was outstanding and we are extending the celebration through the next show because a lot of people came in late with $66.66 and $666.66 contributions. You gave the show a tremendous boost to do even better shows in the months ahead.
First of all, just look at the news. With the never-ending NSA fiasco and all the White House nuttiness, not to mention the health care debacle in the USA, this is a great time for deep news analysis. And this government incompetence phenomenon is worldwide. Australia, the UK, Holland, Spain, Germany. It’s as if total insanity has broken out worldwide and the No Agenda Show is here to document it for your edification and amusement.

It does indeed appear as if the lunatics are running the asylum.

It’s a bonanza for the No Agenda Show and it continues with your great support. Thank you!

Make sure to tune in tomorrow when we roll out some scripts for the idiotic Freddie the Firewall.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS This is probably a good time to encourage you to visit the support page by clicking here. Thanks again!

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