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In the weeks ahead, as we get ready for some new terrorist attack or some entrapment, we hope you keep listening as everything gets weirder. There are already riots in Euroland and a lockdown in the UK. Are we next?

Meanwhile, the Senate Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which has been trying to investigate the Benghazi fiasco has just released a subpoena for documents that the State Department and the White House have failed to supply. A copy of the intricate cover letter is linked here. Good reading. This will become a showdown as you can be sure the White House will stonewall the hearings as best they can. We’ll be following this humor so you do not have to.

On Thursday, we’ll also discuss the new entrapment/honeypot scheme where the FBI was apparently running a child-porn operation to catch some creeps who you must assume are trading pics. The FBI claimed there were 5000 customers, yet no customers were arrested. Who knows what is really going on with this. This agency needs to get back into entrapping idiot would-be terrorists.

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